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9th Sep 2012

Read All Text Below This!!!!
All Of los santos is a Survive roleplay. Their will be tons of weapons laying around if you want one.Don't worry all weapons takes a while to spawn.This may help you think of this gamemode, Its kinda like DayZ.Run Around Get weapons,Make a Faction ect but better watch out who you trust.Don't Worry about Dmers this wheres the Serous Rp comes into play its below this map.
RP Map

-this wheres the serous rp comes into play-
The army controls all of the citys and you must listen to them and follow their laws and commands.Don't Fight back at the army unless you have a good reason.You will be shot and killed if a law is broken or get thrown into the slamer.Now i know lots people says thats it? NO......you have to roleplay with others and don't dm them.This is a serous rp so never stop rping and don't be a hero...like draw your gun fast and kill them if they point a gun at you......don't do it....you have to act scared and all. Theirs much rules for this server so check it out on a another post.

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Forum » Serious RP » Serious RP Rules Locked
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