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rules of rp
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8th Sep 2012

OOC Rules
-respect all players
-Don't wine
-Be mature
-Don't ask for powers
-no hacks
-don't Steal faction vehicles
-Dont make short talk,faces in ic chat like= =D lol lolz wtf
-Don't Spam ooc chat
IC Rules
-No Meta Gaming
-No Dming
-Act scared when something bad is happening
-Let the rp come to you
-never stop roleplaying an rp every thing you are doing
-Don't fight the army, listen to them unless you are allowed to fight back
-NO Power Gaming
-no bunny hopping to travel faster
-Don't steal faction vehicles
-Dont Nija Jack cars
-no car ramming

-Command rules-
-Never draw a gun out not using /me [ex...../me take gun out of pants and flicks safety off]
-The big weapons must be taken out of a cars/buildings [aks,m4,sniper,shotguns,rpg and so on]
- don't try get out of a rp using /b
-Don't try to join any faction/group with /b

more rules will come in the fellow future

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Forum » Serious RP » Serious RP Rules Locked
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