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8th Sep 2012

The Year is 2029, America was rolling smoothly as usual.Then out of no where, we seen horrible shoot outs and threats to the president and to the country on the news. People was fired up over on the west side of the united states. year 2033, the 2 civil war broke out against the west side and the united states. The whole country was a blood bath.People run in fear,city's turn into ghost towns,warheads seen in the air as well as jets and nukes went off around the country........
Year 2060, united states had enough of fighting so they let all the west side states turn into a country called the Western Republic.

The western republic is a corrupt government.they took every body as prisoners, and killed who was a american or thought was a american.Now you must survive in this corrupted city of los santos. Lots of ideas come to mind,should i hide?Should i run?Should i join them ?Should i fight back?Who should i trust?

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Forum » Serious RP » Serious RP Rules Locked
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